If you know Connect, you know that Product is is at the centre of everything we do.

  • Our mission: to back the best product-led software companies at seed stage, and the ambitious founders who build them.
  • Our investment thesis: To invest in opinionated products, crafted with love and loved by many.
  • The companies we have backed
  • The founders we have partnered with: Visionary product thinkers, opinionated product leaders, and often expert operators themselves in Product roles like Design, Engineering, and Product Management.

Since we co-founded Connect, we have been building a venture capital firm with a singular conviction and expertise…

What it is and why it matters

Connect is a thesis-led venture capital firm. We exist to invest in the best product-led companies in Europe at seed stage. Our investment thesis captures what we believe are the defining ingredients required to create the most valuable product companies. It can be summed up with the following statement:

We invest in opinionated products, crafted with love and loved by many.

Over the last nine years, our thesis has helped guide our investments in product companies such as Typeform, Citymapper, Soldo, TrueLayer, Curve, Kheiron, and Second Nature.

In this post we unpack each part of our thesis statement and describe…

Lessons learned from CEO burnout

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week (10th — 14th May), we’ve partnered with Mental Fitness Consultant and Trainer, Charlotte Wiseman, to share her research on the pervasive impact of CEO burnout and low mental health in the workplace. Healthy leadership is the key to a healthy organisation and it starts with self-awareness. Let Charlotte guide you through her 3 easy tips to ensure you’re optimising your performance and your influence, while fostering mental wellbeing and resilience for your company, and yourself.

Unsplash — @JJJordan

Leaders are the climate engineers of an organization — catalysts that drive performance, inspire innovation, and cultivate staff…

Our journey with Stairway began in 2019, when Connect led the pre-seed round of this promising digital learning startup. Back then, Stairway was only 6 months old, but it was already changing the way students felt about studying — specifically about studying Maths. They’ve since added courses in Biology and Physics, working towards making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects more interactive, fun, and social for everyone.

A year and a half later, we’re thrilled to check in with Stairway’s founder and CEO, Charles Williamson, to chat about how they’re inspiring the next generations of STEM learners, how they’ve…

Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken met at Entrepreneur First (EF) in 2016. On the first day of introductions, they simultaneously singled each other out as kindred minds with similar interests and complementary skill sets. They immediately started working together, and the vision for Kheiron was born.

Fast forward to today, Kheiron is leading the charge on detecting early signs of cancer using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Their first product, Mia, has won several awards, including the first UK Government Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health and Care Award. …

Unpacking what we do and why we do it

In the world of venture capital, our success is determined exclusively by the success of the companies we back. It’s as simple as that.

The process of investing in a startup differs from almost any other investment category in the sense that it is a two-way street: founders have a choice as to who they raise capital from. As a VC partnership, we need to both decide which companies we want to invest in (‘picking’) and then also successfully invest in those companies (‘winning’).

This post is primarily about picking, as it is the single most important thing we do…

On the heels of raising an impressive Series C round of $95M, Curve, which allows customers to consolidate multiple cards into one smart card and an app, is well on its way to people’s pockets around the world. Founded in the UK in 2016 by IDF veteran Shachar Bialick, Curve is already changing the way people manage their finances in 31 markets across the U.K. and Europe. This is just the beginning.

With Curve crossing such an important milestone, Connect partner, Rory Stirling, sat down with Shachar to talk about it all: from their origins to their growth, their most…

Connect and Hopkins first linked up last year, and we were immediately impressed with how this budding company was bringing legal services to the masses through technology. Its software uses algorithms to predict case outcomes and optimal negotiation strategies, collaborating with engineers, lawyers, and legal strategists to ensure the best outcome for both lawyers and consumers. Think of it as transferring legal knowledge from lawyers’ brains into code. Pretty cool, right?

So far, Hopkins is only available in Germany and is quickly growing to be one of the most trusted legal resources in the country. An expansion to Europe and…

When it comes to tech startups, Tony Jamous exemplifies the impact-led, laser-focused entrepreneur who starts with the product and is driven by scale. We highly value these attributes at Connect, so when we got wind of Tony’s newest idea, we were all ears. (Get Pietro’s behind-the-scenes scoop on why we decided to invest here.) Now, Oyster has raised a $20 million Series A led by Emergence Capital (original backers of Salesforce and Zoom), and is well on its way to achieving both growth and impact with Tony at the helm.

Oyster sets out to make hiring, paying, training and supporting…

How we use our thesis to evaluate investments

(N.B. This is a continuation of our previous post explaining our investment thesis. We recommend reading the first post before digging in below.)

In a typical twelve month period, the partners at Connect evaluate approximately 1,500 companies. Compounding the problem of market size is the fact that we’re a low-volume, high conviction, partner-only fund. This means the three partners at Connect have to sift through these 1,500 opportunities to find the 200–300 we want to meet in person and the 100 we spend significant time with, leading to the 8–10 companies we ultimately invest in. …

Connect Ventures

A thesis-led, pan-European, seed stage VC. We invest in opinionated products, crafted with love, and loved by many.

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