Joining Connect Ventures as Product Partner

What it will mean for the firm, the founders in our portfolio, and me

Hi, I’m Graham, Connect’s new Product Partner. If building product wasn’t my job, it would be my hobby…

Ask me anything, I’m here to help

Building the right foundation for success

Why I’m so excited to take on this role

Secondly, I can be a real value multiplier. As an operator, you add value exclusively to one company, and your time is spent on a mixture of high, medium, and low impact tasks. With this role, I’ll be adding value to many companies, whilst focussing exclusively on the most important and impactful product opportunities.

Working at Connect is a great opportunity to give something back, and help others in turn.

Let’s go!

Pietro, Sitar, Rory, Mark, Taco, Graham, Eleanor, Andrew (left to right, top to bottom)



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Connect Ventures

A thesis-led, pan-European, seed stage VC. We invest in opinionated products, crafted with love, and loved by many.